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CHEM line

Safety storage cabinets for non-flammable substances

For the safe storage of non-flammable substances and substances hazardous to water WGK 1-3 in small containers in accordance with the regulations. This product complies with the requirements of the German Equipment and Product Safety Act. The collection trays are manufactured in accordance with the Water Resources Act by a specialist company.

The CHEM tox models are suitable for the safe storage of solid, liquid, non-flammable and non-corrosive chemicals in accordance with regulations. This product is approved for the storage of max. 200 kg (440.92 lbs) of toxic substances class T, max. 50 kg (110.23) of highly toxic substances T+ and is specially marked for the storage of toxic substances.

CHEM line

Your added advantage with the CHEM line!

  • Health
    Ventilation on each cabinet level provides optimised air exchange.

  • Safety
    High level of access protection due to 3-sided locking handle safety lock.

  • Working safety
    Safe storage of non-flammable, water-polluting hazardous substances.


Interior fittings:

  • Height-adjustable storage shelves with anti-lifting device made of galvanised sheet steel and bottom tray with material thickness 3 mm (0.12 inch) made of galvanised sheet steel.

Colour standard version:

  • Wing doors in signal grey RAL 7004.
  • Complete carcass completely in signal grey RAL 7004.


  • Torsion-resistant wing doors with box gusset made of panted sheet steel.
  • The doors of single-leaf wardrobes are generally hinged on the right.
  • Cabinet body made of lacquered sheet steel.

Your colour choices:

Bodenauffangwanne mit ÜHP nach StawaR

1. Bottom tray with ÜHP in accordance with StawaR

The galvanised bottom tray with a material thickness of 3 mm (0.12 inch) is supplied with a declaration of conformity (ÜHP) in accordance with StawaR.

Flexibilität bei der Lagerung

2. Storage flexibility

The galvanised storage shelves off er maximum storage capacity and optimum use of space thanks to the variable height adjustment.

Gelochte Lagerböden

3. Perforated storage shelves

Perforated storage shelves support optimum flow and cabinet ventilation.


4. Document compartment

Integrated document compartment for poison book, hazardous substance directories, etc. in DIN A4 (German Institute for Standardisation), depth 15 mm (0.59 inch).


5. Ventilation

For the connection to a technical exhaust air system the cabinet is equipped with a ventilation connection sockets NW 75 (2.95).


6. Adjustable feet

Adjustable feet for easy equalisation of floor uneven ground.


All Models of the CHEM line

CHEM standard XL

CHEM standard XL

CHEM standard L

CHEM standard L

CHEM standard M

CHEM standard M

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