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Why safe storage of batteries is necessary.


Potential causes of hazards:

  • Mechanical damage, e.g. impact or dropping
  • Electrical fault, e.g. short circuit, total discharge, shortcomings in battery management
  • Thermal influences, e.g. internal or external overheating above 60° C

Resulting hazards:

  • Risk of fire, risk of metal fire, e.g. above 60 °C a thermal runaway is possible
  • Risk of explosion, e.g. above 80 °C oxyhydrogen explosion and release of 7 to 11 times higher energy than the stored energy
  • Environmental hazard for water and air, e.g. chemical contamination due to flue gases, toxic heavy metals, hydrofluoric acid





  • In case of thermal events - inside or outside - a thermocouple automatically initiates blockage-free closing of the doors.
  • Temperature monitoring is carried out in all storage areas.
  • In case of fire, the automatic locking system triggers to prevent backdraft.
  • To protect employees, the cabinet can only be unlocked by authorised experts.
  • Prevention with threshold value monitoring using Smart Control and temperature sensor
  • Protection of the storage content from external thermal influences.
  • Fuse protected power supply set up for chargers - ready to plug in.
  • Dual tested fire protection: Type 90 classification and explosive burning of batteries in the interior by the Fraunhofer Institute.
Product of the year 2020 shortlist

Classical cabinet vs. BATTERY line

Temperature monitoring Temperature monitoring

For storage of substances for which self-ignition cannot entirely be ruled out, e.g. lithium-ion batteries, temperature sensors are effective in a preventive capacity. This is an early warning system for detection of thermal events in the cabinet interior.

Ventilation monitoring Ventilation monitoring

Particularly when charging batteries, the exhaust air function must be in operation continuously (24/7) and monitored to prevent the occurrence of heat energy inside the cabinet.

Door status Door status

The doors of safety storage cabinets musts be kept closed after use, particularly if the stored materials represent a risk to safety due to their properties. This sensor can provide an easy way to monitor the status of the door (open/closed).

Error indication via SMS Error indication via SMS

For early detection of fire with automatic alarm forwarding, an error indication can be sent by SMS, e.g. to the fire brigade and responsible managers.

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