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Future orientation and responsibility

Our commitment to sustainable action

As an internationally operating family business with a corporate culture characterised by community, we maintain clear values that shape our daily thinking and actions. This enables us to always have the big picture in mind in order to achieve satisfaction and success together with our customers and partners. Our vision is based on a commitment to reconcile the requirements of customers, the environment and society.

DÜPERTHAL sustainability

Sound economic sense, ecological foresight and social responsibility – these are the ingredients of our daily thoughts and actions.

Economic considerations

Our holistic view of customer processes is deeply rooted in our corporate philosophy. This is how we create the basic conditions for optimised, safe and ergonomic work processes.

Maintaining the value of our products not only reduces costs. The longer lifetimes of our safety storage cabinets also conserves resources and saves energy for production.

Ecological considerations

DÜPERTHAL is committed to environmental protection and resource efficiency. We attach great importance to the use of locally available raw materials.

Short transport routes from suppliers in the surrounding areas help to reduce emissions of harmful substances. At the same time, the use of recyclable materials eases the burden on the environment during production.

Socio-cultural considerations

We promote and protect scientific research and development. Our products and services increase safety in the workplace.

In this way, we help our customers focus on essentials – their work and the development of innovations that advance our society.

And we don't limit ourselves to Germany. We document and certify our services in many countries and languages in order to implement our high standards far and wide.

We continue to drive our company forward with the same diligence. This allows us to lay the foundations for securing production sites with a promising future and for preserving valuable employment in the region.

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