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Welcome to DÜPERTHAL

As a leading German quality and technology enterprise, we set the standards when it comes to designing system solutions for process-optimised storage of chemicals and hazardous materials. All of our products and solutions are specifically tailored to meet your requirements. In addition to maximum safety, they offer the highest levels of effectiveness and efficiency – including in situations where there is no risk of fire. As our customer, you'll always feel a sense of reassurance that you're in safe hands. This is what we, as a family-run company, stand for.

This is what we stand for as the original.

Product of the year 2020 shortlist
GIT Security Award 2021


Together we are always one step ahead -
with our service and personal contact

When you choose a DÜPERTHAL solution, you also gain a strong and proactive partner. Our aim is to always stay one step ahead. All our products and solutions exceed the requirements laid down by certification programmes. The same applies to our work with you. We openly discuss challenges and propose improvements, helping you to always identify the ideal solution.


We secure your values -
since 1973 and also in the future

We have been setting benchmarks in our market for over forty years. You as our customer benefit from our technical and business know-how, which we have proven in many reference projects with well-known organizations around the world.

We are constantly raising the bar and continuously improving our security solutions so that you can continue to protect your assets with us in the future.

System solution

Delivering the perfect system solution -
customised designs where required, TÜV-certified prior to installation.

In addition to standard products of exceptional quality, we're the only company on the market to also offer customised, TÜV-certified system solutions that do not require acceptance on delivery.

From consulting to components, installation and routine maintenance – we always strive to offer the best possible added value from the perspective of technical safety and operational management.

Your challenge - our solutions

The handling of hazardous substances is subject to stringent regulations – for good reason. DÜPERTHAL can help you to meet all the relevant requirements whilst at the same time optimising your work processes.

Based on the analysis of the actual status and the jointly defined objective, you receive an individually tailored and modular system solution from us. Thanks to our varied product range, you can design your laboratory and workplace flexibly and as needed.


Storing hazzardous substances safely

We offer a wide range of products for safe storage of sensitive hazardous goods. Up to 90 minutes of protection in case of fire ensures maximum safety.


Using products ergonomically

In addition to a large range of standard solutions, we offer tailor-made solutions that integrate seamlessly into your workflows and optimise them.


Disposing of materials in an environmentally sound manner

There are strict regulations for the disposal of dangerous goods. We provide a wide range of products and components for safe implementation in compliance with regulations.

Our quality promise

Solved internally, confirmed externally and independently

At DÜPERTHAL, quality is the most important factor. This is demonstrated by the quality marks awarded to every one of our safety storage cabinets, in recognition of our comprehensive quality management system in compliance with DIN EN ISO 9001. One basic condition here is that, apart from our own in-house inspections, production of the safety storage cabinets is continuously monitored by accredited external test institutes.

DÜPERTHAL Innovation – sustainably protected technical inventions based on well over 50 national and international patents!

Tested safety at the highest level including:

Fraunhofer ICT


Lean Lab: we work with you to create "value without wastage"

You can't create a lean lab by simply purchasing a standard product. More than that, it's a philosophy that must be put into practice on a daily basis. System solutions from DÜPERTHAL that are specifically designed to meet your needs will help you live out this philosophy.

Even during the process analysis phase, we'll ensure that your processes become leaner and more efficient. Activities that don't add value will be reduced to a minimum. In practice, the right planning and the right product can, for example, eliminate time-wasting. Naturally, our system solutions allow you to comply with rules and regulations at all times, so that you always remain on the safe side. Particular attention is paid to the potential hazards that arise, in particular when using open containers for storage (active storage) and disposal. These potential hazards include the increased risk of an explosive atmosphere or static charges.

Using the new technologies of DÜPERTHAL connect, DÜPERTHAL connect, Smart Control and Smart Box gives you additional valuable building blocks for the Lean Lab in your new work environment. These innovations allow you to consistently pursue Industry 4.0 concepts in your company – administrative effort is reduced, leaving you with more time to devote to the actual process of research.


Smart technology - great service

Protection means more than the simple purchase of a safety storage cabinet. That's why we offer you our certified knowledge, comprehensive service and expertise – supporting you before, during and especially after your decision to buy a DÜPERTHAL safety storage cabinet. So that you can enjoy a sense of reassurance, knowing that you've done everything you needed to do.

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