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How User Experience leads to success in life-science laboratories with Milena Frahm (Fraunhofer IPA) and Christian Völk, Marketing Manager

DUEPERTHAL connect - connecting people and information
with Benjamin Sauer, Projectmanager

Safety cabinets for pressured gas - Installation, pipe penetrations, constructions
with Valerie Stohlmann, Sales Manager Export

Safety cabinets - Advantages of cabinets made of PP material
with Mahmoud Hassan, International Sales Manager

Technical ventilation - Filter attachments
with Tommy Fittkau, Head of Technical Service

Safety storage of lithium-ion batteries
with Roland Bieder, Executive Head of Sales

Immer sicher - App optimiert die Laborsicherheit

Always safe - App optimises lab safety
with Christian Völk, Head of Marketing

Smart Lab - die digitale Transformation

Smart Lab - The digital transformation
with Thomas Matheis, Area Sales Manager South

Das Lean Lab - Prozessoptimierung beim Gefahrstoffhandling

The lean lab - Process optimisation in handling of hazardous substances
with Thomas Matheis, Area Sales Manager South

Laborsicherheit: So schließen Sie die Lücken bei Ihrer Gefahrstofflagerung

Laboratory safety: How to close the gaps in your storage of hazardous substances
with Knut Oberschachtsiek, Area Sales Manager West

Lagerung im Sicherheitsschrank: Ab- und Umfüllen von brennbaren Flüssigkeiten

Storage in a safety storage cabinet: Filling and transferring flammable liquids
with Thomas Matheis, Area Sales Manager South

Gefahrstofflagerung: Sicherheitsschränke mit nachhaltiger Technologie

Storage of hazardous substances: Safety storage cabinets with sustainable technology
with Christian Völk, Head of Marketing

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