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Step into a new world with DÜPERTHAL connect! This innovation enables you to easily access all relevant information on the operating status of your DÜPERTHAL safety storage cabinets - connected to each other in a network (storage cluster) - worldwide, e.g. with your smartphone, tablet or PC.

The range of specialist cabinet solutions is as diverse as the areas of activity in handling hazardous goods, e.g. for flammable liquids (passive and active), pressurised gas cylinders, lithium ion batteries, acids and alkalis. Despite all the specific differences, all solutions can be combined in a single network (storage cluster) using DÜPERTHAL connect.

With an almost unlimited choice of sensors, you can constantly monitor and record all relevant operating parameters. A variety of interface solutions enable the usage parameters to be transferred from DÜPERTHAL connect to your system - either on a local server or in the cloud - for evaluation and further processing.


For added value:

  • Worldwide access to all relevant operating statuses of networked cabinets at any time.
  • Digital storage and comprehensive documentation of safety data sheets, instructions, storage schedules, hazardous substance directories, etc.
  • Programmable access controls with identification for increased legal security
  • Defined process control with integration of all staff responsible for working safety.
  • Smart Control stand-alone version with SIM/UTMS card available as an option.
  • Intelligent linking of all storage concepts, regardless of whether they are a networked DÜPERTHAL connect, Smart Control and Smart Box stand-alone versions or direct entry.


Individual interfaces, suitable for all systems

A system is only as good as the interfaces that it uses for communication. DÜPERTHAL connect can be integrated into numerous systems and existing networks, providing a variety of different services. The objectives are easy integration, a high data transmission rate in real time and maximum data security.

  • Variety of network interfaces such as REST, OPC UA, SiLA for exchanging data with external systems and remote access to process-related information.
  • Electronic logging in real time
  • Individual adaptation of system configuration thanks to different user levels.
  • Visualisation of operating statuses.
  • All cabinets in the system can be individually controlled.
  • Digital and analog inputs for evaluation of a large number of sensors.
  • Digital outputs for switching signal lamps, acoustic warning devices, release or locking mechanism.


Invest and profit - your return on investment

By using DÜPERTHAL connect, you and your employees can make active and effective use of the new resources provided to focus on your core work. Depending on the scope of the project, a return on investment is normally achieved within a year. We will be happy to arrange a meeting with you to discuss the possibilities and opportunities.

Cost optimisation from interfaces to downstream systems

  • Recording of media consumption and automated procurement of necessary media using real time data transmission for maximum supply reliability.
  • Calculation of performance indicators to reduce procurement costs through central ordering system in purchasing.
  • Monitoring of media dispensing and reduction of costs through falling consumption quantities.
  • Transparency and optimisation of media consumption and disposal costs by assignment and posting to cost centres.

Resource conservation due to automated processes

  • High compatibility and integrated interfaces to existing data management systems reduce operating costs and enable a paperless organisation.
  • Authorised self-service in media dispensing frees up resources, which can be used for active operations elsewhere.
  • Eases the burden on your specialist staff and reduces process and laboratory costs through automatic forwarding of information, e.g. on required change of waste collection containers
  • Real time performance indicators improve management of the company.
  • Resource conservation and sustainable management positively influence your environmental balance (carbon footprint) and support you in meeting the requirements of the environmental management standard ISO 14001.
  • Ideal basis for quality assurance in production processes and guarantee of product quality as part of GMP (good manufacturing practice).

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