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DISPOSAL line C - Type 90

Safety storage cabinets for disposal - system solution

Specially designed to store different chemical wastes, the DISPOSAL line is equipped with varied additional functions to make work easier and safer. From the great variety of optional extras, choose those which are ideally suited to your laboratory. Create your own individual work environment tailored to your requirements and work processes.


Your added advantage with the DISPOSAL line C!

  • Health
    Object and air curtain extraction during filling minimise the explosive atmosphere.

  • Safety
    Secure media disposal or transfer in containers up to 30 litres (7.93 gal) in accordance with TRGS 509.

  • Working safety
    Conductive powder coating as a standard and integrated earthing system according to TRGS 727.
  • Tested and TÜV-certified complete system for disposal acc. to TRGS 509.


Interior fittings:

  • Disposal system with funnel shelf, safety funnel and lockable hinged lid, conductive powder-coating.
  • Bottom tray made of conductive, powder-coated sheet steel and galvanised grating.

Colour standard version:

  • Wing doors in gentian blue, similar to RAL 5010.
  • Complete carcass in light grey, similar to RAL 7035.
  • Base in slate grey RAL 7015.


  • Wing doors made of conductive powder-coated sheet steel.
  • Outer carcass made of conductive powder-coated sheet steel.
  • Inner carcass made of conductive powder-coated sheet steel.

Your colour choices:

Gentian blue
Light grey

1. Ventilation

Ventilation at every cabinet level, visual inspection of the venting cut-off flaps. Fume extraction directly at the filling point.

Media disposal

2. Media disposal

Safe media disposal or media transfer via stainless steel VisiCon safety funnel according to TRGS 509.

Level monitor

3. Level monitor

The exhaust and filling level monitor integrated as a standard with touch display for error display and logging warns against overfilling.

Easy container change

4. Easy container change

After releasing the funnel locking device, the funnel may be lifted and the containers may be changed.

Ventilation monitoring

5. Ventilation monitoring

The exhaust air monitoring unit integrated as a standard monitors the required exhaust air flow rate.

Prevention of ignition hazards

6. Prevention of ignition hazards

The electrically conductive interior fittings and earthing cables with crocodile clips are conductively connected to the equipotential bonding saddles on the cabinet roof in accordance with TRGS 727.


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