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Safety storage cabinets for charging and storage of lithium-ion-batteries

The BATTERY line safety storage cabinets are specially designed for safe storage and charging of lithium-ion batteries. With its Type 90 classification and explosive burning of batteries in the interior tested by the independent Fraunhofer Institute, the BATTERY line provides double fire protection. all safety-related components are not subjected to day-to-day dynamic loads and are thus free of attrition and mechanical wear.

COOL line

Your added advantage with the BATTERY line!

  • Safety
    In case of fire - inside or outside - a thermocouple automatically initiates the uninterrupted closing of the doors.

  • Backdraft protection
    Automatic door locking to prevent backdrafts in case of fire.

  • Safe charging
    Fuse protected power supply for chargers is provided and ready to plug in.




Interior fittings:


  • Storage shelves and bottom trays made of sheet steel
  • Automatic permanent interlock

BATTERY standard/station:

  • Thermally insulated storage shelves and bottom trays made of sheet steel
  • Backdraft closure for internal fires to prevent combustion gas explosions

BATTERY station:

  • Supplied ready to plug in, including fuse box with residual-current circuit breaker - for disconnection from the mains in the event of a malfunction fused with 16 A residual-current circuit breaker, polarity protected plug CEE L+N+PE 6h, max. total power: 3.68 kW
  • 4 sockets per storage area prepared for chargers including fused power supply with circuit breaker 10 A per storage area
  • On request, a three-phase supply voltage of 400 V ~ 50 Hz for a max. total output of 11.04 kW is possible. and optionally up to 10 sockets per storage level and region-specific plugs.


  • Wing doors in bright green, PANTONE 389 C.
  • Carcass completely in light grey RAL 7035.
  • Individual colours possible.
  • Base in slate grey RAL 7015.


  • Wing doors, powder-coated sheet steel.
  • The doors are generally right-hinged for one-door cabinets. A left-hung door can be delivered at no extra charge.
  • Outer carcass, powder-coated sheet steel.
  • Inner carcass made of high-quality decor panels.

Your colour choices:

Golden yellow
Light grey
Bright green
Pure white
Integrated door arrest system

1. Comfortable handling

Easy-moving wing door technology allows comfortable handling of the batteries and initiates the automatic closing of the doors in case of fire.

Innovation in preventive fire protection

2. Innovation in preventive fire protection

In case of fire - inside or outside the cabinet - a thermo- couple automatically initiates closing of the doors and locking to protect against backdraft.

Protection from backdraft

3. Protection from backdraft

After automatic closing of the doors and locking in the event of fire, e.g. due to self-ignition of lithium ion batteries, they can only be unlocked by authorised experts.

Safe and protected charging

4. Safe and protected charging

The BATTERY station models are set up for chargers, with a fuse protected and ready to plug in power supply.

More information about power supply BATTERY station models

Extraction of thermal energy

5. Extraction of thermal energy

The air heated by charging is extracted at every cabinet level.

Prevention with DÜPERTHAL connect and Smart Control

6. Prevention with DÜPERTHAL connect and Smart Control

Temperature sensors enable DÜPERTHAL connect and the Smart Control intelligent assistance system to be used as early warning systems for detection of thermal events in the cabinet interior.


All Models of the BATTERY line

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easy standard station
Function easy standard station
Field of Application Storage Storage Storage and Charging
Type examination DIN EN 14470-1
Type examination DIN EN 16121 / 16122
Internal fire and flue gas analysis
Seal of approval CE TÜV/CE TÜV/CE
Door closing in case of fire
Automatically door locking
Backdraft protection
Thermo-couple in each level
Extraction of thermal energy
Accessories available
Earthing connection on the cabinet roof
Interior fittings conductively connected with carcass
Exhaust air connection
Exhaust air connected
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